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The Evaluation Department is responsible for selecting the NGO’s that the Food for all deals with throughout the process of food distribution. Our Evaluation Department employs the chosen NGO’s existing databases of underprivileged cases, in order to select the specific cases that are most in need of the monthly food packages. The underprivileged cases are selected through a thorough process of examination, during which the Evaluation department studies and filters the existing databases. The department additionally examines and visit  the NGOs that will be responsible for the package distributions to ensure that the premises and warehouse are compatible with the necessary requirements for properly storing the packages. 

The Research and Studies Department is responsible for the process of studying the underprivileged cases who are registered in the NGOs, name by name, in order to make sure these names are not registered in more than one NGO, and this is how Food for All achieves its main target

The Organizations Department is responsible for the delivery of the packages to the NGOs all over Ghana on a monthly basis, as well as on seasonal occasions (such as the holy month of Christmas and Ramadan Packages) in a timely manner. The department is also responsible for distribution of Food for All’s donations to the NGOs, according to each organizations specific need. In addition, the department assists in organizing relief campaigns held by Food for All in times of crisis and accidents.

The Programs and Projects Department is specialized in creating programs that target the underprivileged that are capable of working. This department works on initiating new programs that help in developing the selected cases, while the Food for All provides them with monthly packages only until they acquire necessary skills and opportunities to hold a job, enabling them to run their own lives and have their own income. 

The department additionally works in ensuring success of our “School Feeding Program” and other programs.

Food for All Africa is specialized packaging and delivering quality food packages to the underprivileged all over Ghana. To ensure the quality of the ingredients packaged. Food for All receives donations of rice, pasta, milk, yoghurt, oil and various other types of raw ingredients, that are regularly examined for quality and expiry by the Quality Control Department prior to being packaged. 


The Financial and Administrative Department is in charge of all financial transactions, donations received, purchases, as well as the annual financial status and statement for  Food for All.

The HR Department is specialized in recruiting skilled employees and volunteers. The HR Department at Food for All is additionally specialized in providing training courses for employees in order to develop their skills and enhance their performance. 

The Resource Development Department manages all aspects of fundraising for Food for All. The department works with donors (individuals, companies, businessmen,etc) with the aim of acquiring regular donations, sponsorship or even as partners by providing free services.

The Marketing Department oversees and manages all marketing platforms and materials (such as flyers, banners, posters, Food for All corporate identity, online designs, in addition to TV ads shooting and planning management for TV and online ads)

The IT Department is responsible for all aspects of networking and technical issues in the Food for All, as well as all database developments, integration and management.

The Public Relations Department is mainly responsible of publicity and media issues, by issuing Food for All news in well-known journals and magazines.


The Purchasing Department is responsible for the purchase of quality products and raw ingredients for Food for All (such as pasta, rice, oil, etc.)  at affordable prices.