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    Serving Ghana and helping those in need by specializing in anti-food waste  and hunger reduction. We are specialized in fighting hunger and food waste through technology, diversity and innovation.

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    Food banks are powerful interventions which positively change lives and communities. They are an interconnected lifeline to the hungry and equip communities to feed themselves.


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    One of our essential roles is to raise social awareness regarding the  amount of food that goes waste and could otherwise feed many underprivileged individuals in the country.

  • Send Your Donations
    Send Your Donations

    Send Your Donations

    Food for All Africa  is keen to help Ghanaians who are affected in times of crisis and tries its best to provide them with the essential food and support to help them survive. For that reason, we send rescue convoys (with food, medications, and clothes), with the help of donors and volunteers, who would like to help people during  crisis

Each Year A Third Of All Food Produced Is Wasted
Reducing Food Waste Can Help Fight Hunger And Inequality

Food for All Africa operates West Africa’s first community food support centre to create efficient and sustainable means of healthy nutrition for vulnerable communities through advocacy, food recovery, and redistribution. Our main beneficiaries are vulnerable children, youth, aged, and disabled, within orphanages, schools, and communities that depend on benevolent donations for nutrition and livelihood support

Who We Are

A non-profit organization specialized in fighting hunger and food waste through technology, diversity and innovation. We create effective programs addressing hunger issues by creating partnerships with those who care about the underprivileged and hungry people in Ghana and sub Saharan Africa. 

Providing To Our Beneficiaries A Basic Human Need, FOOD

Overcoming The Great Hunger Issue In Ghana



Continuity Of Giving To The Needy

Zero Hunger In Ghana By 2030 Is Possible!The Need To Eat

Food for All Africa is registered at the Registrar-General’s Department, Ministry of Justice under Registration Number CG000342016 and Department of Social Development registration number 6951


A Ghana without hunger


To reduce hunger and poverty in Ghana by creating efficient and sustainable means of nutrition through food banking, diversity of long term social development, awareness, educational and feeding programs


To serve Ghana and help those in need by specializing in anti-food waste and hunger reduction under the official name of Food for All Africa


The Organization

Food for All was founded in 2015 by Chef Elijah Addo to address the widespread hunger and food waste challenges in Ghana; Food for All  leverages on mobile technology to connect a world of excess to a world of need by recovering quality edible surplus food from the consumer goods supply chain and distributing it to community organizations that serve the poor and needy. More than 80% of the food recovered is nutritious food.


In co-operation with credible, potential partners in all sectors ( individuals, official, volunteers, civil and private sectors ), Food For All Africa works to create efficient and sustainable means of nutrition.

Our impact is measurable

The cost per meal is only GH¢15. For every GH¢15 donated, GH¢150 worth of retail quality food is unlocked

Partnering with Food for All minimizes risk

Our model ensures bottom line savings for food donors

All our Beneficiary Organizations are fully vetted before on-boarding and 75% of them focus on education, vulnerable children, women, and youth

There are tax and resource benefits to donors

We are a credible organization with a good reputation both in Ghana and beyond

Our model promotes 11 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

We have a nationwide network of community leaders and organizations

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“Hunger is not an issue of Charity, It is an issue of Justice” – Jacques Diouf

Food for All Africa is West Africa’s first and largest community food redistribution organization in Ghana. We implement a model called food banking. Retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, farmers and growers partner with us to recover their edible surplus food and distribute it responsibly to provide greater access to food for vulnerable groups across our country. If your organisation uses food to support people then you can sign up to receive food too.


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Iqbal Shah
Iqbal Shah
Toronto, Ontario
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It is one ultimate requirement to have food, so everyone has the right to have some share for survival. Please do not waste food but give way to other for their survival
Emmanuela Nkansah
Emmanuela Nkansah
Accra, Ghana
Read More
Its the best initiative anybody can take towards poor malnourished kids who roam the streets begging to get a penny before they feed. keep it up
Naa Borley
Naa Borley
Accra, Ghana
Read More
Food for all has come to help the poor and the needy in Ghana and the whole of Africa. God bless anyone who supports with what he or she has or with prayers
Eileen Anastas
Eileen Anastas
Sydney, Australia
Read More
Wonderful initiative. Nobody should be hungry on our planet. Those who have should share with those who don't
Ugochukwu Ossai
Ugochukwu Ossai
Abuja, Nigeria
Read More
This should be replicated all over Africa, I personally need this in Nigeria. Hunger is killing our people on daily basis
Justice Agbenorsi
Justice Agbenorsi
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Food for all has come to support and help achieve SDG goal 1, 2, and 3. Join hands and help support a wealthy course for the development of our country
Abed Poku
Abed Poku
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I was part of it last year 2018 and I really enjoy it a lot , I really have a big heart of helping the need,orphans and widows. So I was so happy to joined it ❤️💯😇🙏. May God bless you all for your good deep for our motherland Ghana 🇬🇭.